"Food Safety for CALIFORNIA"
Food Safety Training
for Managers
It is imperitive for food service managers to understand food safety at a high level. This knowledge is vital in order to effectively manage and train food workers on safe food handling practices. eFoodhandlers offers a comprehensive course that not teaches food safety at higher, but also prepares managers for a CFPM.

Be a Safe Server - the Public Counts on YOU!

"Food Safety is the most
important thing I serve"

Food Safety for Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food vending is becoming an increasingly significant segment of the food service industry. http://www.eMobileFoodVending.com is a site dedicated to the mobile food vending industry. They also offer a specialized food safety program tailored for mobile food vending.

To a video of a mobile food vendor discussing his business and relevant food safety issues.

Food Safety Poll
How many people are hospitalized due to foodborne illness?

45, 000
> 1 million

FDA Rules Based

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