"Food Safety for CALIFORNIA"
Food Safety Training
for Managers
It is imperitive for food service managers to understand food safety at a high level. This knowledge is vital in order to effectively manage and train food workers on safe food handling practices. eFoodhandlers offers a comprehensive course that not teaches food safety at higher, but also prepares managers for a CFPM.

Be a Safe Server - the Public Counts on YOU!

"Food Safety is the most
important thing I serve"

Food Safety for Mobile Food Vendors

Mobile Food vending is becoming an increasingly significant segment of the food service industry. http://www.eMobileFoodVending.com is a site dedicated to the mobile food vending industry. They also offer a specialized food safety program tailored for mobile food vending.

To a video of a mobile food vendor discussing his business and relevant food safety issues.

Food Safety Poll
What is the most important Food Safety Activity?

Keep raw meat away from ready-to-eat foods.
Maintain counters and food prep areas clean.
Wash hands.
Stay home if you are sick.
Maintain food at proper temperatures.
They are all important.

FDA Rules Based

Cities of Recent caFoodManagers


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